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Run KUDO-Kafka tests


  • A running Kubernetes cluster with $KUBECONFIG pointing to correct configuration
  • KUDO controller running in the Kubernetes cluster
  • kubectl installed, with $KUBECTL_PATH pointing to it
  • The repository checked out (as a best practice, that should be inside of your $GOPATH)

Running tests

Export DS_KUDO_VERSION, KUBECONFIG and KUBECTL_PATH, and run the script.


export DS_KUDO_VERSION=v0.5.0
export KUBECTL_PATH=/usr/local/bin/kubectl
export KUBECONFIG=${HOME}/.kubeconfig/config
./ /path/to/kudobuilder/operators



This repository includes some tooling shared by various KUDO operators, as a git submodule from the private data-services-kudo repository. contains some useful information about how to work with submodules.

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