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KUDO Spark Operator
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KUDO Spark Operator



Required software:

For test cluster provisioning and Stub Universe artifacts upload valid AWS access credentials required:

  • AWS_PROFILE or AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables should be provided

For pulling private repos, a GitHub token is required:

  • generate GitHub token and export environment variable with token contents: export GITHUB_TOKEN=<your token>
    • or save the token either to <repo root>/shared/data-services-kudo/.github_token or to ~/.ds_kudo_github_token

Build steps

GNU Make is used as the main build tool and includes the following main targets:

  • make cluster-create creates a Konvoy or MKE cluster
  • make cluster-destroy creates a Konvoy or MKE cluster
  • make clean-all removes all artifacts produced by targets from local filesystem
  • make docker-spark builds Spark base image based on Apache Spark 2.4.3
  • make docker-operator builds Operator image and Spark base image if it's not built
  • make docker-builder builds image with required tools to run tests
  • make docker-push publishes Spark base image and Spark Operator image to DockerHub
  • make test runs tests suite
  • make clean-docker removes all files, created by make during docker build goals execution

A typical workflow looks as following:

make clean-all
make cluster-create
make docker-push 
make test
make cluster-destroy

To run tests on a pre-existing cluster with specified operator and spark images, set KUBECONFIG, SPARK_IMAGE_FULL_NAME and OPERATOR_IMAGE_FULL_NAME variables

make test KUBECONFIG=$HOME/.kube/config \
SPARK_IMAGE_FULL_NAME=mesosphere/spark:spark-2.4.3-hadoop-2.9-k8s \

Installing and using Spark Operator


  • Kubernetes cluster up and running
  • kubectl configured to work with provisioned cluster
  • KUDO CLI Plugin 0.8.0 or higher


To install KUDO Spark Operator, run:

make install

This make target runs script which will install Spark Operator and create Spark Driver roles defined in specs/spark-driver-rbac.yaml. By default, Operator and Driver roles will be created and configured to run in namespace spark-operator. To change the namespace, provide NAMESPACE parameter to make:

make install NAMESPACE=test-namespace

Submitting Spark Application

To submit Spark Application and check its status run:

#switch to operator namespace, e.g.
kubens spark-operator

# create Spark application
kubectl create -f specs/spark-application.yaml

# list applications
kubectl get sparkapplication

# check application status
kubectl describe sparkapplication mock-task-runner

To get started with your app monitoring, please, see also monitoring documentation

MKE cluster provisioning

If you want to create a cluster with MKE Kubernetes distribution, the following environment variables must be set before executing make cluster-create :

  • DCOS_LICENSE - should be populated from a licence.txt file
  • CLUSTER_TYPE - type of a cluster, in our case is mke

AWS credentials are exported automatically by make, so there is no need to handle them manually, but CLUSTER_TYPE and DCOS_LICENSE need to be set manually.

$ maws li Team\ 10 #refresh AWS credentials
$ export CLUSTER_TYPE=mke
$ export DCOS_LICENSE=$(cat /path/to/the/license.txt)
$ make cluster-create
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