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package mesosphere.marathon
package plugin.auth
import mesosphere.marathon.plugin.http.HttpResponse
import mesosphere.marathon.plugin.plugin.Plugin
* Base trait for all authorizer implementations.
* An authorizer is able to authorize an action on a resource based on an identity:
* [[Identity]] is a custom implementation that represents a person or system that has access to Marathon.
* [[AuthorizedAction]] is the action
trait Authorizer extends Plugin {
* Decide whether it is allowed for the given principal to perform the given action on the given resource.
* @param principal the identity that tries to access the resource
* @param action the action that the user tries to perform.
* @param resource the resource the user wants to access.
* @tparam Resource the type of the resource for action and resource.
* @return true if the user is authorized to access the resource to do the defined action.
def isAuthorized[Resource](principal: Identity, action: AuthorizedAction[Resource], resource: Resource): Boolean
* This method is called in the case that the identity is not authorized to access the resource.
* The main purpose of this implementation is to customize the http response (e.g. response code, redirect etc.)
* @param principal the identity that has tried to access a resource with a given action.
* @param response the response to customize.
def handleNotAuthorized(principal: Identity, response: HttpResponse): Unit
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