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@alenkacz alenkacz released this Mar 15, 2018 · 527 commits to master since this release

Recommended Mesos version is 1.5.0.

New versioning strategy

As of 1.6 version, Marathon switched to the new versioning strategy. We mostly follow SemVer but we needed to have a unique version number for every master build. For that reason, first 1.6 public release is 1.6.322. It does not mean there were 321 releases prior to this one that we did not share with the community, the number actually is number of commits on the master branch since the last minor release (so 1.5). As for all future releases, the fix version will be increasing but don't expect the numbers to be consequential.

New Behavior

Performance improvements

We have improved the overall performance of serialization in our API by 10x, leading to a substantial reduction in load for requests to /v2/apps, and /v2/groups. #5973

Maintenance mode support

Marathon has simple built-in support for Mesos Maintenance Primitives. For more information please see our docs.

Persistent volumes for pods

It is now possible to run stateful applications inside pods. For more information, please see docs.

And many more...

Fixed issues

  • portMappings are exposed as $PORT_NAME variable #5888

Breaking changes


The Sentry Raven log appender has been updated to version 8.0.x. Users that have enabled the Sentry Raven appender will need to update their configuration according to the sentry migration guide.

Scala 2.12

Marathon 1.6.0 is compiled using Scala 2.12. This means that plugins which were compiled using Scala 2.11 will make Marathon fail during startup due to binary incompatibility between Scala 2.11 and 2.12.


/v2/schema route is Deprecated

The /v2/schema route, and JSON Schema definitions, are deprecated in favor of RAML. They will not be kept up-to-date. The endpoint will be disabled in Marathon 1.7.0 (can be re-enabled via an extended grace-period deprecation flag), and then completely removed in Marathon 1.8.0. The extended grace-deprecation flag will be documented in 1.7.0 and mentioned in the release notes. You can watch MARATHON-7981 for more details.

Marathon Health Checks Deprecation Schedule Update

Marathon Health Checks will continue functioning, but are not actively supported. You should migrate to Mesos Health checks as soon as possible.

In Marathon 1.8.0, we will start logging warning each time an app/pod references a Marathon health check.

In Marathon 1.9.0, if you upgrade and have app definitions with Marathon Health Checks, then Marathon will refuse to start. You will be able to temporarily re-enable them via an extended grace-period flag.

Marathon Health Checks will be completely removed in Marathon 1.10.0, and Marathon will refuse to start if the extended grace-period deprecation flag is specified.

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