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@kensipe kensipe released this Jan 30, 2019 · 273 commits to master since this release

Changes to 1.7.189

Marathon Supports Java 9+

Marathon build tools and dependencies have been adjusted to allow it to be compiled and run with Java 9 and we regularly build and test with Java 11. We currently still target Java 8 binary compatibility.

Fixed Issues

  • MARATHON-8539 - Marathon now responds back with Mesos source field exactly as it is received fixing an issue where the vendor information was lost as part of vendor information.
  • MARATHON-8466 - Marathon restricts the use of "reserved" words as Ids. The following is a list of restricted words: "restart", "tasks", "versions"
  • MARATHON-8498 - Marathon now validates the full app when partial updates are applied.
  • MARATHON-8493 - Fix to a precision bug associated with sum resource needs for Pods.
  • MARATHON-8453 - Marathon now respects the --kill_retry_timeout timeout.
  • MARATHON-8452 - Reduced logging; Marathon only logs zero-value offers if a scalar value is set.
  • MARATHON-8413 - Fix for broken versioning of Apps and Pods associated with changes in Java Timestamps.
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