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DEPRECATED This project is no longer actively maintained. Please see DC/OS Vagrant for all your Mesos test environment needs.

Playa Mesos

Playa Mesos helps you quickly create Apache Mesos test environments. This project relies on VirtualBox, Vagrant, and an Ubuntu box image which has Mesos and Marathon pre-installed. The box image is downloadable for your convenience, but it can also be built from source using Packer.

As an alternative to VirtualBox, it's possible to build and run the image on VMware Fusion or Workstation.


Quick Start

  1. Install VirtualBox

  2. Install Vagrant

  3. Clone this repository

git clone https://github.com/mesosphere/playa-mesos.git
cd playa-mesos
  1. Make sure tests pass
  1. Start the VM
vagrant up
  1. Connect to the Mesos Web UI on and the Marathon Web UI on

  2. SSH to the VM

vagrant ssh
ps -eaf | grep mesos
  1. Halt the VM
vagrant halt
  1. Destroy the VM
vagrant destroy

Building the Mesos box image (optional)

  1. Install Packer

Installing Packer is not completely automatic. Once you have downloaded and extracted Packer, you must update your search path so that the packer executable can be found.

export PATH=$PATH:/path/where/i/extracted/packer/archive/
  1. Destroy any existing VM
vagrant destroy
  1. Build the Vagrant box image
  1. Start the VM using the local box image
vagrant up

The build is controlled with the following files:

For additional information on customizing the build, or creating a new profile, see Configuration and the Packer Documentation.


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VMware Support: Fabio Rapposelli (@fabiorapposelli)