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commit 86a5905394fbcea7ab16361c67cdd319813928bc 2 parents 76d533c + 636b47c
@messah authored
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  1. +2 −7 etc/mutt/010-base
9 etc/mutt/010-base
@@ -76,13 +76,8 @@ set reply_to=ask-yes
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
ignore * # Ignore all except below
-unignore from: subject to cc mail-followup-to reply-to\
- date x-mailer user-agent x-url x-hostname-fqdn
-unignore organization organisation
-hdr_order From: Date: To: CCc: X-Hostname-Fqdn: X-Newsreader: X-Mailer: \
- Organization: Organisation: User-Agent: X-Fnord:\
- X-WebTV-Stationery: X-Message-Flag: Newsgroups:\
- Reply-To: X-Spam-Status: x-spam-rule: x-SpamProbe: Subject:
+unignore from subject to cc reply-to date
+hdr_order date to cc reply-to from subject
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Biçimleme dizgileri
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