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Hi dzmounir,

I noticed your BP FollowMe fork and would like to invite you to contribute patches to the main plugin:

Instead of maintaining a fork and dividing the community.

I've just updated it for BP 1.7:


I would just like to echo r-a-y's request, far better that a single plugin is maintained and I'm sure r-a-y will be more than generous in contributory acknowledgements :)


Hi @r-a-y,@hnla,

Sorry, i wasn't check the GIT issue since last week.

buddypress-followers wasn't updated since 2years, this is why i was create a new fork in wp plugins repos and i was updated.

It would be great to join and contribute patches to buddypress-followers plugin.
I will make a new description for the plugin and link to page.


Hi @dzmounir,

Really appreciate your fork for the time BP Follow wasn't being maintained and thanks for understanding.

Looking forward to your contributions to the plugin!

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