Java SDK for using Messente's services
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Simple and lightweight SDK for using Messente API-s.

Supported API-s and features:

  • Messaging API support
  • Pricing API support
  • Credits API support
  • Delivery report API support
  • SMS length calculator
  • Convenience methods for correct API call URL building


Installing messente-sdk is easy. Just add messente-sdk jar to your classpath or use it as maven dependency. All the needed jar files can be found here.

With Maven

Just add messente-sdk dependency to your POM.xml file:


Usage example

And here's some code for sending SMS! 👍

public class SendSmsSimpleExample {

    public static final String API_USERNAME = "<api-username-here>";
    public static final String API_PASSWORD = "<api-password-here>";

    public static final String SMS_SENDER_ID = "<your-sender-id-here>";
    public static final String SMS_RECIPIENT = "+3721234567";
    public static final String SMS_TEXT = "Hey! Check out, it's awesome!";

    public static void main(String[] args) {

        // Create Messente client
        Messente messente = new Messente(API_USERNAME, API_PASSWORD);

        // Create response object
        MessenteResponse response = null;

        try {
            // Send SMS
            response = messente.sendSMS(SMS_SENDER_ID, SMS_RECIPIENT, SMS_TEXT);

            // Checking the response status
            if (response.isSuccess()) {

                // Get Messente server full response
                System.out.println("Server response: " + response.getRawResponse());

                //Get unique message ID part of the response(can be used for retrieving message delivery status later)
                System.out.println("SMS unique ID: " + response.getResult());

            } else {
                // In case of failure get failure message                
                throw new RuntimeException(response.getResponseMessage());
        } catch (Exception e) {
            throw new RuntimeException("Failed to send SMS! " + e.getMessage());


Check out other examples on GitHub.