A simple inline browser for iOS.
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is a simple inline browser for iOS. The iPhone UI is highly based on Tweetie’s inline browser, and the iPad version on Reeder.

SVWebViewController features:

  • iPhone and iPad distinct UIs
  • landscape orientation support (iPad only)
  • back, forward, stop/refresh and action buttons (with actions “Open in Safari” and “Email this”)
  • navbar auto-creation depending on how controller is presented (modaly or pushed in nav controller)
  • navbar title set to the currently visible web page
  • talks with setNetworkActivityIndicatorVisible


Easiest way to install is to drag the SVWebViewController/SVWebViewController folder from the Finder directly into your project. That will add the SVWebViewController controller class, the .xib file and the image ressources to your project. SVWebViewController requires the MessageUI framework, so make sure you add that to your project as well.


(see sample Xcode project in /Sample)

Just like any UIViewController, SVWebViewController can be pushed into a UINavigationController stack:

SVWebViewController *webViewController = [[SVWebViewController alloc] initWithAddress:@"http://google.com"];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:webViewController animated:YES];
[webViewController release];

or be presented modally on top of the currently visible view controller:

SVWebViewController *webViewController = [[SVWebViewController alloc] initWithAddress:@"http://google.com"];
[self presentModalViewController:webViewController animated:YES];	
[webViewController release];