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Open vSwitch Plus VXLAN
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Latest commit bbd5b6f @blp blp netdev-linux: Skip NETDEV_UP test in netdev_linux_set_etheraddr() for…
… taps.

netdev_turn_flags_off() does nothing if the flags that one turns off are
already off.

Reported-by: Ethan Jackson <>
Signed-off-by: Ben Pfaff <>
Acked-by: Ethan Jackson <>
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build-aux extract-ofp-errors: Make Python 3 compatible.
datapath datapath: Check for positive packet length in vport_send().
debian Set release date for 1.10.0.
include OpenFlow-level flow-based tunneling support.
lib netdev-linux: Skip NETDEV_UP test in netdev_linux_set_etheraddr() for…
m4 deal with platforms where backtrace() is in a different library than …
ofproto ofproto-dpif: Make fin_timeout work when governor kicks in.
ovsdb Always check return value of strftime().
python python: fix a typo error in python/ovs/
rhel rhel: Remove the firewall hole that we create for GRE.
tests OpenFlow-level flow-based tunneling support.
third-party third-party: Fix tcpdump patch
tutorial ovs-sandbox: Use $schema for creating the db.
utilities netdev: Factor restoring flags into new "struct netdev_saved_flags".
vswitchd netdev: Factor restoring flags into new "struct netdev_saved_flags".
xenserver Revert "rhel, xenserver: Punch holes through firewall for VXLAN."
.gitignore tests: Add code coverage for Python.
AUTHORS ofproto-dpif: Make fin_timeout work when governor kicks in.
COPYING sFlow: add Sun Industry Standards Source License 1.1 as licensing option
CodingStyle CodingStyle: Mention our common return value conventions.
DESIGN tests: Add more tests for VLAN match encoding and decoding.
FAQ FAQ: Indicate LTS is now the 1.9.x series.
INSTALL INSTALL: Finish sentence about running tests with valgrind.
INSTALL.Debian INSTALL.Debian: Update instructions related to package ordering.
INSTALL.Fedora Update INSTALL.Fedora to mention Fedora 17 instead of Fedora 15
INSTALL.KVM netdev implementation for FreeBSD
INSTALL.Libvirt openvswitch: Remove Linux bridge compatibility.
INSTALL.RHEL rhel: Remove the firewall hole that we create for GRE.
INSTALL.SSL INSTALL.SSL: Remove obsolete information.
INSTALL.XenServer INSTALL.XenServer: Add a note for tunnel firewall rules.
INSTALL.userspace netdev implementation for FreeBSD
IntegrationGuide IntegrationGuide: A guide to help platform integrators. Add a tutorial for advanced Open vSwitch features.
NEWS OpenFlow-level flow-based tunneling support.
NOTICE netdev implementation for FreeBSD
OPENFLOW-1.1+ OPENFLOW-1.1+: Fix character encoding issues.
PORTING PORTING: Add hint to adjust the default fail-mode, for hardware ports.
README Add a tutorial for advanced Open vSwitch features.
README-gcov tests: Remove bit-rotted support for "lcov".
README-lisp Add support for LISP tunneling
REPORTING-BUGS docs: Consistently suggest /etc/openvswitch/conf.db as location for db.
SubmittingPatches SubmittingPatches: Correct mailing list to use for sending patches.
WHY-OVS Implement IPFIX export
acinclude.m4 datapath: Fix compilation with Linux kernel 3.7. debian: Check for accurate Debian changelog version at build time too. Allow master to build on Fedora with the recent threading changes vswitchd: Document coverage/show command.


                 Open vSwitch <>

What is Open vSwitch?

Open vSwitch is a multilayer software switch licensed under the open
source Apache 2 license.  Our goal is to implement a production
quality switch platform that supports standard management interfaces
and opens the forwarding functions to programmatic extension and

Open vSwitch is well suited to function as a virtual switch in VM
environments.  In addition to exposing standard control and visibility
interfaces to the virtual networking layer, it was designed to support
distribution across multiple physical servers.  Open vSwitch supports
multiple Linux-based virtualization technologies including
Xen/XenServer, KVM, and VirtualBox.

The bulk of the code is written in platform-independent C and is
easily ported to other environments.  The current release of Open
vSwitch supports the following features:

    * Standard 802.1Q VLAN model with trunk and access ports
    * NIC bonding with or without LACP on upstream switch
    * NetFlow, sFlow(R), and mirroring for increased visibility
    * QoS (Quality of Service) configuration, plus policing
    * GRE, GRE over IPSEC, VXLAN, and LISP tunneling
    * 802.1ag connectivity fault management
    * OpenFlow 1.0 plus numerous extensions
    * Transactional configuration database with C and Python bindings
    * High-performance forwarding using a Linux kernel module

The included Linux kernel module supports Linux 2.6.18 and up, with
testing focused on 2.6.32 with Centos and Xen patches.  Open vSwitch
also has special support for Citrix XenServer and Red Hat Enterprise
Linux hosts.

Open vSwitch can also operate, at a cost in performance, entirely in
userspace, without assistance from a kernel module.  This userspace
implementation should be easier to port than the kernel-based switch.
It is considered experimental.

What's here?

The main components of this distribution are:

    * ovs-vswitchd, a daemon that implements the switch, along with 
      a companion Linux kernel module for flow-based switching.

    * ovsdb-server, a lightweight database server that ovs-vswitchd
      queries to obtain its configuration.

    * ovs-dpctl, a tool for configuring the switch kernel module.

    * Scripts and specs for building RPMs for Citrix XenServer and Red
      Hat Enterprise Linux.  The XenServer RPMs allow Open vSwitch to
      be installed on a Citrix XenServer host as a drop-in replacement
      for its switch, with additional functionality.

    * ovs-vsctl, a utility for querying and updating the configuration
      of ovs-vswitchd.

    * ovs-appctl, a utility that sends commands to running Open
      vSwitch daemons.

    * ovsdbmonitor, a GUI tool for remotely viewing OVS databases and
      OpenFlow flow tables.

Open vSwitch also provides some tools:

    * ovs-controller, a simple OpenFlow controller.

    * ovs-ofctl, a utility for querying and controlling OpenFlow
      switches and controllers.

    * ovs-pki, a utility for creating and managing the public-key
      infrastructure for OpenFlow switches.

    * A patch to tcpdump that enables it to parse OpenFlow messages.

What other documentation is available?

To install Open vSwitch on a regular Linux or FreeBSD host, please
read INSTALL.  For specifics around installation on a specific
platform, please see one of these files:

    - INSTALL.Debian
    - INSTALL.Fedora
    - INSTALL.XenServer

To use Open vSwitch...

    - ...with KVM on Linux, read INSTALL, read INSTALL.KVM.

    - ...with Libvirt, read INSTALL.Libvirt.

    - ...without using a kernel module, read INSTALL.userspace.

For answers to common questions, read FAQ.

To learn how to set up SSL support for Open vSwitch, read INSTALL.SSL.

To learn about some advanced features of the Open vSwitch software
switch, read the tutorial in tutorial/Tutorial.

Each Open vSwitch userspace program is accompanied by a manpage.  Many
of the manpages are customized to your configuration as part of the
build process, so we recommend building Open vSwitch before reading
the manpages.

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