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.TH ovs\-pcap 1 "December 2010" "Open vSwitch" "Open vSwitch Manual"
ovs\-pcap \- print packets from a pcap file as hex
\fBovs\-pcap\fR \fIfile\fR
.so lib/
The \fBovs\-pcap\fR program reads the pcap \fIfile\fR named on the
command line and prints each packet's contents as a sequence of hex
digits on a line of its own. This format is suitable for use with the
\fBofproto/trace\fR command supported by \fBovs\-vswitchd\fR(8).
.so lib/
.BR ovs\-vswitchd (8),
.BR ovs\-tcpundump (1),
.BR tcpdump (8),
.BR wireshark (8).
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