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. IP "\\$1"
.IP "\fB\-p\fR \fIprivkey.pem\fR"
.IQ "\fB\-\-private\-key=\fIprivkey.pem\fR"
Specifies a PEM file containing the private key used as \fB\*(PN\fR's
identity for outgoing SSL connections.
.IP "\fB\-c\fR \fIcert.pem\fR"
.IQ "\fB\-\-certificate=\fIcert.pem\fR"
Specifies a PEM file containing a certificate that certifies the
private key specified on \fB\-p\fR or \fB\-\-private\-key\fR to be
trustworthy. The certificate must be signed by the certificate
authority (CA) that the peer in SSL connections will use to verify it.
.IP "\fB\-C\fR \fIcacert.pem\fR"
.IQ "\fB\-\-ca\-cert=\fIcacert.pem\fR"
Specifies a PEM file containing the CA certificate that \fB\*(PN\fR
should use to verify certificates presented to it by SSL peers. (This
may be the same certificate that SSL peers use to verify the
certificate specified on \fB\-c\fR or \fB\-\-certificate\fR, or it may
be a different one, depending on the PKI design in use.)
.IP "\fB\-C none\fR"
.IQ "\fB\-\-ca\-cert=none\fR"
Disables verification of certificates presented by SSL peers. This
introduces a security risk, because it means that certificates cannot
be verified to be those of known trusted hosts.
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