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These commands manage \fB\*(PN\fR's logging settings.
.IP "\fBvlog/set\fR [\fIspec\fR]"
Sets logging levels. Without any \fIspec\fR, sets the log level for
every module and facility to \fBdbg\fR. Otherwise, \fIspec\fR is a
list of words separated by spaces or commas or colons, up to one from
each category below:
.IP \(bu
A valid module name, as displayed by the \fBvlog/list\fR command on
\fBovs\-appctl\fR(8), limits the log level change to the specified
.IP \(bu
\fBsyslog\fR, \fBconsole\fR, or \fBfile\fR, to limit the log level
change to only to the system log, to the console, or to a file,
.IP \(bu
\fBoff\fR, \fBemer\fR, \fBerr\fR, \fBwarn\fR, \fBinfo\fR, or
\fBdbg\fR, to control the log level. Messages of the given severity
or higher will be logged, and messages of lower severity will be
filtered out. \fBoff\fR filters out all messages. See
\fBovs\-appctl\fR(8) for a definition of each log level.
Case is not significant within \fIspec\fR.
Regardless of the log levels set for \fBfile\fR, logging to a file
will not take place unless \fB\*(PN\fR was invoked with the
\fB\-\-log\-file\fR option.
For compatibility with older versions of OVS, \fBany\fR is accepted as
a word but has no effect.
.IP "\fBvlog/set PATTERN:\fIfacility\fB:\fIpattern\fR"
Sets the log pattern for \fIfacility\fR to \fIpattern\fR. Refer to
\fBovs\-appctl\fR(8) for a description of the valid syntax for \fIpattern\fR.
.IP "\fBvlog/list\fR"
Lists the supported logging modules and their current levels.
.IP "\fBvlog/reopen\fR"
Causes \fB\*(PN\fR to close and reopen its log file. (This is useful
after rotating log files, to cause a new log file to be used.)
This has no effect unless \fB\*(PN\fR was invoked with the
\fB\-\-log\-file\fR option.
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