Dockerfile and configuration files to build a docker container with uWSGI + Django/Flask etc.
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Dockerfile for running python web apps with uWSGI

This Dockerfile allows you to build a Docker container with a fairly standard and speedy setup for Python web apps with uWSGI.

uWSGI from a number of benchmarks has shown to be the fastest server for python applications and allows lots of flexibility.

Feel free to clone this and modify it to your liking.

Before Build

  • Add your python app to /app directory before build new docker image.

  • Check module config in uwsgi.ini: If you want to create a Django application container and your path is /app/myproject/, open uwsgi.ini file and change module=website.uwsgi:application as module=myproject.uwsgi:application.

Build and Run container

  • docker build -t myapp .
  • docker run myapp