Neural models for Collaborative Filtering
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Source code for, AutoRec, an autoencoder based model for collaborative filtering. This package also includes implementation of RBM based collaborative filtering model(RBM-CF).


  • cython
  • progressbar
  • envoy
  • climin


Models are defined in yaml configuration file. Configuration file consists of three sections

  • data: In this section, we define data sources and model save path
    • train : path of the training file
    • test : path of the test file
    • save : path for saving the model
  • param: In this section, we define network training parameters
    • lamda: list of regularization paramter per each layer
    • max_iter: maximum number of iteration
    • batch_size: size of the batch
    • optimizer: Choice of the optimizer (lbfgs, rprop, rmsprop)
    • reg_bias: whether to regularize bias or not
    • beta: sparsity control parameter
    • num_threads: maximum number of threads to be used while doing some of the matrix operations (set it to number of CPU cores)
  • layer: In this section, we define the network architecture. Layers are defined by layer index(starting from 1). Note that, layer index should be defined in ascending order (For eg: 1, 2, 3). Each layer is defined as
    • Layer index:
      • activation: Type of activation function (identity, sigmoid, relu, nrelu, tanh)
      • num_nodes: number of nodes in the given layer
      • type: layer type (input, hidden, output)
      • partial: whether the data in the given layer is partially observed or not (applicable only to input/output nodes)
      • binary : whether to enforce binary coding in the layer or not


First, you will need to build the cython modules. Build cython modules by running

  • bash

Running Autorec model

  • cd nn/autorec

Running RBMCF model

  • cd nn/cfrbm


This program expects input in tab separated format.

For U-AutoRec:

  • <user>\t<item>\t<rating>

For I-AutoRec

  • <item>\t<user>\t<rating>


If you have any queries, please contact me at