@rashmithakkar rashmithakkar released this Oct 24, 2018 · 41 commits to v5.3 since this release

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This version brings Bug Fixes :

  • Item Selector Drag Drop issue.
  • Tree : Arrow spacing
  • Credit card: data types changed to number
  • Field set: Icon Spacing
  • Tree: Expand and Collapse: Icon Changed.

@rashmithakkar rashmithakkar released this Oct 24, 2018 · 41 commits to v5.3 since this release

Assets 2

With v5.3 release we created some new amexio components and enhanced some existing amexio components and also created few more d3 charts with drillable chart property.

Key Highlights

Amexio Components :

  1. Amexio Credit Card
  2. Breadcrumb
  3. Timeline
  4. Chips
  5. Amexio-Recaptcha
  6. Data Loading Indicator
  7. Item Selector : Drag drop
  8. Tree with expand and collapse method
  9. Tree with dynamic keys

D3 Charts :

  1. Horizontal Bar Chart
  2. Combo Chart
  3. Multiseries Chart
  4. Stack bar Chart

D3 Drillable Chart :

  1. Single Target
  2. Multiple Target

@ketan-gote ketan-gote released this Sep 1, 2018 · 14 commits to v5.2 since this release

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With v5.2 release we focused heavily on Performance and Code optimization, along with this we added toolbar to different Layouts and Panels, and right click context menu.

Key highlights:

  • Toolbar support to
    • Form
    • Panel
    • Accordion
    • Window
  • Context Menus support to
    • Panel
    • Window
    • Card

Amexio D3 Charts

We have published new NPM library for D3 chart, to start with we have release

  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Donut Charts

@ketan-gote ketan-gote released this Jul 21, 2018 · 197 commits to v5.1 since this release

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With v5.1 release we focused heavily on Performance and Code optimisation, along with this we added contextual right click menus for many components.

Key highlights:

  • Performance optimization
  • High-Quality (API) Code based on tslint and Sonar Static Code Analysis Guidelines
  • Contextual Right Click menus for 4 key components.
    • Tabs
    • Tree, Grid and
    • List View

@ketan-gote ketan-gote released this Jun 22, 2018 · 51 commits to v5.0 since this release

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Here's a new update of Amexio - "Amexio Moscow Release v5.0". Major highlights for this release is Angular Support, New Drag and Drop Category and New components based of developer community request.

Key highlights:

  • All the components are fine tuned for Angular v6.0 support.
  • New Drag and Drop Category added
    Within Tree
    Across two tree
    Across tree and panel
  • New UI Components
    Dropdown Menu
    Advance search box
  • Component Enhancement
    Template for tree data grid
    Tree drag-drop feature
    Tree Badges
    Side Nav Badges
    Template for notification component
    Dialogue closable on escape key press
    A window closable on escape key press
    Window positioning
    Date picker enhancement
    • Min Date
    • Max Date
    • Disabled Days

Checkout our

Amexio Team

@ketan-gote ketan-gote released this May 18, 2018 · 17 commits to v4.1 since this release

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Here is new update of Amexio "Amexio Thanjavur Release v4.2".

Key Highlights include

  • Form Component, supporting inbuilt component validation and button bindings
  • Enhanced Tab component with different options like Dynamic Tabs, Header, Action Items, Alignment
  • Improved file upload component
  • Label with badge
  • Button, Button group, Button Drop-Down with badge
  • Key Navigation support for drop-down
  • More styles for image component
  • Close-able Box

@anaghak07 anaghak07 released this Mar 16, 2018 · 245 commits to v4.1 since this release

Assets 2

Here's a new update of Amexio for a new year's journey ahead - "Amexio Thanjavur Release v4.1". With this release, we cater the pain area of every developer - The CSS. An optimized and split of SCSS for every component, you can generate a new theme with just 2 colors. Also, giving more power to material design theme generation Amexio-Colors brings down the time to few seconds!

Key highlights:

  • Split of SCSS components style into visual and structure
  • Total 70+ Themes (57 Material Themes and 16 Amexio Themes)
  • Box component can be easily wrapped around any other component
  • Floating Button
  • Floating Group Button
  • Button with transparent styling & and added Block Type
  • Enhanced Navbar options with Link, Labels, buttons, TextField and Dropdown menus.

Check out all the new Material Design Themes in Amexio Colors page.

Amexio Colors v1.0

  • Amexio Colors Autogenerates Material Design based Themes. Out of the box, there are 55+ Material Design based themes along with 16 custom (Amexio) Themes.
  • Amexio Colors API is available for the developers to build thereon themes or use the API to handle various color combinations and derive new colors based on the fundamental colors.
  • Amexio Colors Cli is for the Angular developers to create Material Design based themes. CLI can be installed using npm.

Case Studies

  • General Demo App: Showcases All Amexio UI Components and Themes
  • Shopping E-Commerce Site
  • US Election Results
  • Insurance Portal
  • Movie Portal
  • Customer Feedback (Coming Soon)

@ketan-gote ketan-gote released this Jan 20, 2018 · 3 commits to v3.2 since this release

Assets 2

Here's a Brand new update of Amexio for a new year's journey ahead - "Amexio Thanjavur Release v4". After a lot of feedback from developers around the world, we dived under the hood of our component library, rolled up our sleeves and fine-tuned each and every component to make your app experience a delight, faster & with better performance too!

Key highlights:

  1. With this update we have officially dropped the Bootstrap & all of its Dependency !.
  2. No more Direct DOM Queries. That means pure TypeScript Library.
  3. SCSS support, which gives user power to update component style.
  4. Out of box 40 Different themes.
  5. Supportes Server Side Rendering.
Amexio Modules

Amexio Themes

Amexio Material Themes Amexio Themes
AT-MD-Gold-Amber AT-AM-Ocean-Blue
AT-MD-Army-Olive AT-AM-Tiger
AT-MD-Ash Stone Black AT-AM-Lime Green
AT-MD-Black AT-AM-Matrix
AT-MD-Blue AT-AM-Spicy-Apricot
AT-MD-Blue-Grey AT-AM-Byzantine-Crystal
AT-MD-Ginger-Bread AT-AM-Honey-Prussian
AT-MD-Cerise Magneta AT-AM-Persian-Laguna
AT-MD-Charcoal Russet AT-AM-Burgandy-Magenta
AT-MD-Fern-Lime AT-AM-Navy-Grape
AT-MD-Frenchrose-mulberry AT-AM-Matrix-Amber
AT-MD-Grape-Voliet AT-AM-Matrix-Cream
AT-MD-Hot-Pink-Fuchsia AT-AM-Matrix-Maya
AT-MD-Saphire AT-AM-Matrix-Ultra
AT-MD-Jungle-Mint AT-AM-Royal-Kelly
AT-MD-Maya-Light-Blue AT-AM-Royal-Pineapple
AT-MD-Mahogany Barny Red
AT-MD-Navy Egyptian
AT-MD-Raspberry Sangria
AT-MD-Red Maroon
AT-MD-Sacremento Jado
AT-MD-Yale Azure
At-MD-Tronbone Royal

Note : For all the Bootstrap user's we still support you! Yes, For Bootstrap support please use the 3.x series.

Checkout our new API & DEMO site.

Assets 2

Amexio 3.2 Now fully supports the latest version of Angular 5. Also we fixed some bugs.

Assets 2

With the addition of Five new components and a lot of thought out enhancements we provide you our newest version 3.0.10. Following is the detailed description.

Components Description
Vertical Button Group A vertical position button group
Tags Input A multi vale tag based input field.
Video Player A custom video player with controls
Accordion Accordion Pane
Single Checkbox A single checkbox field.

Enchancements :

  1. 4 More Events for Form Fields such as blur,input,focus & change
  2. File-Upload now supports single drag and drop for ease.
  3. Pagination Now Supports Larger Pages with indexing.
  4. Progress Bar with multi bars support added.
Resolved Issues /Bugs Description
#26 SA - On the toggle switch page ..
#27 Bootstrap sass instead of Bootstrap css