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Amexio Hampi Release v2.0.0 (Bootstrap 4 + 51 Components (10 more added))

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@ketan-gote ketan-gote released this 02 Aug 09:59
· 265 commits to v2.0 since this release

Amexio (Angular MetaMagic EXtensions for Inputs and Outputs) is a rich set of (Google) Angular 4 UI
components powered by (Twitter) Bootstrap 4 for Responsive Design. We provide a single module as an import for using our rich set of 50 UI components and can be easily configured and implemented in a project. Check out the Amexio UI Library Demo and API documentation (

Converted all components of v1.0.42 to Bootstrap 4 and added below list of components.

Components Description
Split Button The SplitButton allows the user to execute a default action that is bound to a Button.
Left Vertical Tab Left aligned Vertical navigation tab.
Right Vertical Tab Right aligned Vertical navigation tab
90 Degree Rotation Vertical Tab Rotate text and image in 90 degree.
Window Pane Modal Window pane with closable , Header, Body & Footer configuration.
Small Large Window Pane Large/Small Modal Window
Card User can create Card with custom Header/Body/Footer. With different configuration like style, hide/unhide.
Confirm Window Confirmation box with Yes/No action.
Alert Alert box with Ok action.
Progress Bar with different color variant User will have choice to display progress bar in different colors.