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Amexio Hampi Release Update 1 - v2.1.0 (Added 10 Charts + 1 Component + Bug Fix)

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@pratikthecook pratikthecook released this 11 Aug 13:26
· 198 commits to v2.0 since this release

After squashing few bugs and simultaneously adding a whole new Charting Library (based on google charts) with 8 unique Charts which can be easily configured and implemented. We have released Amexio 2.1.0 .Having 52 Components & now 9 Charts we have Re-Structured the entire Amexio into seperate modules to ease the usage, For Charting AmexioChartModule is provided under amexio-ng-extensions/charts on npm, and thats not it, we have more to come! Check out the details below for the list of goodies included in Amexio's 2.1.0 Release.

Components Description
Listbox Allows user to display list of items in user defined template.
Charts Description
Area Chart Displays graphically quantitative data based on line charts
Bar Chart A chart or graph that presents grouped data with rectangular bars with lengths proportional to the values
Column Chart A Column Chart is a graphic representation of data displaying vertical bars.
Donut Chart A donut chart is essentially a Pie Chart with an area of the center cut out.
Gauge Chart Guage Chart (also known as dial chart or speedometer chart) uses a single needle to show information
Geo Chart A visual feedback for the data provided plotted against a map.
Histogram Chart A Bar chart histogram showing accurate graphical representation of the distribution of numerical data.
Pie Chart A circular statistical graphic which is divided into slices to illustrate numerical proportion
Line Chart Line Graph is a type of chart which displays information as a series of data points called 'markers' .
Resolved Issues /Bugs Description
#9 Cannot customize treedatatable column in both v1 & v2
#8 Dropdown Event Triggers Fails inside Modals
#7 Not loading in chrome or IE
#6 dropdown not working
Feature Addition Commit Link
Added bootstrap default notifications to replace the existing Messenger ca57351
Modular Packaging Re-Structure 8f9886b
Improved Third-Party Depedency Warnings eb75143

**Note : The charting library is made from Google Charts.