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Amexio Thanjavur Release v4.1

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@anaghak07 anaghak07 released this 16 Mar 04:41
· 245 commits to v4.1 since this release

Here's a new update of Amexio for a new year's journey ahead - "Amexio Thanjavur Release v4.1". With this release, we cater the pain area of every developer - The CSS. An optimized and split of SCSS for every component, you can generate a new theme with just 2 colors. Also, giving more power to material design theme generation Amexio-Colors brings down the time to few seconds!

Key highlights:

  • Split of SCSS components style into visual and structure
  • Total 70+ Themes (57 Material Themes and 16 Amexio Themes)
  • Box component can be easily wrapped around any other component
  • Floating Button
  • Floating Group Button
  • Button with transparent styling & and added Block Type
  • Enhanced Navbar options with Link, Labels, buttons, TextField and Dropdown menus.

Check out all the new Material Design Themes in Amexio Colors page.

Amexio Colors v1.0

  • Amexio Colors Autogenerates Material Design based Themes. Out of the box, there are 55+ Material Design based themes along with 16 custom (Amexio) Themes.
  • Amexio Colors API is available for the developers to build thereon themes or use the API to handle various color combinations and derive new colors based on the fundamental colors.
  • Amexio Colors Cli is for the Angular developers to create Material Design based themes. CLI can be installed using npm.

Case Studies

  • General Demo App: Showcases All Amexio UI Components and Themes
  • Shopping E-Commerce Site
  • US Election Results
  • Insurance Portal
  • Movie Portal
  • Customer Feedback (Coming Soon)