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Amexio Moscow Release 5.6

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@rashmithakkar rashmithakkar released this 16 Feb 11:22
· 6 commits to v5.5 since this release

With the addition of Accessiblility Features ARIA 1.1 support with tab navigation for few amexio components and a lot of thought out enhancements we provide you our newest version 5.6. Following is the detailed description.

Amexio Components : Accessiblility Feature
Button Group
Amexio Component:
Creative Card
Grid - Lazy Loading
Amexio Component: Enhancement
Amexio Image: Attributes added: absolute, relative, top, bottom, right, left
Window: Attribute added: width
Nav Bar: Attribute added: transparent, color
Side Nav: color, background, enable-border
Inner Json Structure addition for Dropdown, Tag input, Typeahead and Grid.
D3 Bug Fixes and enhancements
Label Clickable for all Charts
Bubble, Scatter and Timeline chart: Correction of emitted data on chart click
Bar Chart: added yaxis-interval attribute
Line Chart: added color and yaxis-interval attribute
Bar Stack Chart: added yaxis-interval attribute

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