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Machine arch

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In some cases you have MACHINE_ARCH provider of gl/gles* or some other machine specific changes applied in your BSP layer .bbappend.

In such cases you're the one responsible for setting right PACKAGE_ARCH in qtbase and all packages which depend on it (if your package is using only qtbase-native e.g. only qmake and doesn't depend on qtbase itself, then you don't need to change PACKAGE_ARCH as qtbase-native cannot ever be MACHINE specific).

Be aware that this isn't efficient for multi-machine builds (because you would build everything multiple times even in cases where all built MACHINEs have the same architecture), but setting PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}" is better than keeping default PACKAGE_ARCH = "{TUNE_PKGARCH}" with MACHINE specific signature (you can use openembedded-core/scripts/ to detect those).

With meta-qt5 57709a4ee2213a3c352b9cedce1d4b16a1b35042 and newer you can set PACKAGE_ARCH for all qt* modules by setting QT_PACKAGES_ARCH.

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