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People who are working on or shown interest in adding SDK support to meta-qt5:


gjohnson, fenrig, lpapp, slips

./#yocto/2013-09-12.log:21:23 < gjohnson> I think I might be close to having a working qt5 nativesdk. The problem is qmake isn't getting relocated correctly. I used the qmake from ${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/${QT_DIR_NAME}/qmake. Here is the error when I run qmake and the output of ldd on qmake and moc which works, How can I solve this issue?


tasslehoff, lumag, ftonello

./#oe/2013-10-08.log:12:54 < tasslehoff> woglinde: there may be a lot of pebkac here. meta-qt5 has no recipe for an sdk, so I'm trying to fix it myself. have added libs and include files, but not gotten the tools (qmake, moc, uic) in place yet.


Gokul Sivasankaran Kartha, Emanuele Placidi, Mylene Josserand, Tasslehoff Kjappfot (also on #oe), Kåre Särs

pull-request for review

very promising patchset on oe-devel ML

why not me

I would like to state here, that I'm not going to work on this, but I would be very happy to review/merge patches for it. There are already couple of people working on it and I wasn't using SDK with qt4 so I'm not the right person to verify that it works at least as good as qt4 version did in work-flows people use (e.g. from qtcreator).