mbake is CLI static app generation tool. You can use mbake for simple blogs or sites to the most complex web and mobile app projects. Apps you generate with mbake are serverless, allow user authentication and work with database APIs for dynamic data binding. mbake is low code and supports CSS in markdown. mbake comes w/ multiple starter projects.
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Docs, examples and more at:

License of all examples apps are MIT - but core build lib itself(Base.*) is LGPL.

You can use for free in any way; but if you change or use the core library directly, you must contribute back to the source of the ideas.

10 times more productive web app development via low code such as Pug

Metabake mbake CLI lets you generate websites and dynamic webapps in Pug by leveraging low code pillars for high development productivity.


Easy to install

yarn global add mbake

First Page

Create file index.pug

    p Hello #{key1}

and create file dat.yaml

key1: World

Now make with mbake

mbake .

This will create index.html. Of course you can use regular Pug syntax to include markdown with CSS support:


Home Page

There is also an admin module, a watcher module, Hybrid mobile apps, SPA, Blog, Website, CRUD, PWA, Electron, Cloud v2.0 via AWS|FireStore, RIOTjs and more. Primary focus is high development productivity (via "low code") and being easy to learn. But it is also fully flexibile to build any webapp in any directory tree structure you like an use any CSS/SASS framework you like. Metabake supports CSS classes in markdown, plus, because it uses Pug - it can also do any HTML layout. But metabake is not static only - it fully supports and has examples and docs for dynamic apps.