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Python library for Gomiso
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Gomiso Python

Python library for interacting with Gomiso


This library is my first attempt at coding using Python. I learned Python while coding it so this is not the proper Python code you'll ever see but it's functional


When to contribut? Please contact me instead of forking the project.


The code is documented but here is a simple example of how to use the library:

consumer_key = 'XXXXXX'
consumer_secret = 'YYYYYY'
username = 'AAAAA'
password = 'BBBBB'
tokensFile = 'path_to_file_where_we_will_store_tokens'

letsGo = gomiso()
if letsGo.authentification(consumer_key, consumer_secret, username, password, tokensFile):
    json_result = json.loads(letsGo.getUserInfo())
    print 'Hello user: ' + json_result['user']['username']
    print 'Something is wrong'

Documentation generated using the following command line: >python.exe -w gomiso wrote gomiso.html >

About me

You will find more about me through my blog

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