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Version 1.6.0
German translation file, thanks to Sascha Bürk
Solved a problem with movies submission
Version 1.5.0
Tokens stored under username and not a generic "tokensfile"
Version 1.4.1
Indentation problem stopping the script from starting
Version 1.4.0
Solved problem with checking in movies
Fixed year issue
version 1.3.1 Changed Python version to 2.0 for Eden
Should have solved the Unicode problems
version 1.3.0 New autostart feature
Code improvement on autostart feature (function already here but previously commented)
Code improvement
Possibility to change the default Gomiso submission message
version 1.2.0 Fixed the bug opening over and over again the setting page when authentification impossible
Removed simplejson library and use the XBMC module.
Displaying '*' instead of the plain password
version 1.1.0 Fixed the bug related to message hardcoded thanks to XBMC mailing list
Version 1.0.0 initial public release