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Gomiso integration within XBMC
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Gomiso XBMC

XBMC integration of Gomiso


The project is 100% functional but this is my first attempt to develop for XBMC so please be kind when reading the code ;) Also, this is the first time for me with Python so, again, be kind when reading the code.


When to contribut? Please contact me instead of forking the project.


The XMBC plugin for gomiso updates it with what you've been watching in XBMC. For best results, make sure you are in library mode.

    Installation instructions:
    Download the ZIP file from GitHub and rename it as "".
    Install it following the "System > Addons > Install from ZIP file" process.

    Soon, the script should be available through the official XBMC repository.

    After installing this plugin, sign up for an account at  Then.. 

    1. Navigate to Home > Programs and activate gomiso (location of gomiso activation is skin dependent and may be in other
     places labeled Addons, Scripts, etc.)
    2. Enter in username and password that you have set up on the gomiso website and any other configuration you would like 

    Note: if you do not configure gomiso to autostart, you will need to repeat step 1 any time you would like to submit tv
     shows or movies
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