Minimum Javascript xAuth code (no library, "homemade" code) authentification written in pure Javascript
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xAuth Javascript

Minimum Javascript xAuth code (no library, "homemade" code) authentification to Gomiso API using xAuth and written in pure Javascript. I tested it with Gomiso API but it should work with any xAuth API as this code is generic.


I tried to find documentation with code on how to query xAuth servers on Javascript. As I was not able to find something I can use "out of the box", I coded my own version. I did it without using any library so that you can use it easily.


When to contribut? Please contact me instead of forking the project.


The code is documented and contain a fully self explaining functional example. The response format should be as follow oauth_token=rrP1yPkOXXXXXXXXXGNiG&oauth_token_secret=ug1pydN95MvcCuOXXXXXXXXXXDBmkHE4dZxCzjQv

Store the two value for each of your users and use it for each call to the API


This javascript will only work with browser who can handle XMLHttpRequest doing crossdomain I tested the code on Samsung TVs (which allow crossdomain) and it works perfectly.

About me

You will find more about me through my blog