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Connection pools for JDBC databases. Simple wrapper around C3P0.
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Creating a Connection Pool

You can create a C3P0 connection pool with any connection spec map. (Currently, only maps with :subname and :subprotocol are supported.) connection-pool-spec will return a connection spec you can use directly with JDBC:

(require '[ :as jdbc]
         '[metabase.connection-pool :as connection-pool])

;;; Create a C3P0 connection pool

(let [pool-spec (connection-pool/connection-pool-spec my-jdbc-spec)]
  (jdbc/query pool-spec ["SELECT *"]))

(You will almost certainly want to store your pool somewhere, such as in an atom).

Configuring the connection pool

You can set connection pool options such as size in a file, or by passing them as a map to connection-pool-spec:

(def ^:private connection-pool-properties
  {"maxIdleTime"     (* 3 60 60)
   "minPoolSize"     1
   "initialPoolSize" 1
   "maxPoolSize"     15})

(def my-pool-spec
  (connection-pool/connection-pool-spec my-jdbc-spec connection-pool-properties))

See for a list of all options.

Destroying connection pools

destroy-connection-pool! will destroy the connection pool you created:

(connection-pool/destroy-connection-pool! pool-spec)

Legal Stuff

Copyright © 2019 Metabase, Inc. This project is licensed under the Eclipse Public License, same as Clojure.

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