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Metabolomics Workbench Jupyter Notebook Examples

metabolomics workbench

  • Data normalization and averaging
    • Plot distributions of metabolites Binder
    • Normalize data Binder
    • Plot relative log abundance Binder
  • Clustering and correlation
    • Perform clustered heatmap analysis Binder
  • Univariate analysis
    • Perform volcano plot analysis Binder
  • Multivariate analysis
    • Perform principal component analysis Binder
    • Perform linear discriminant analysis Binder
    • Perform partial least squares discriminant analysis Binder
  • Classification and feature analysis
    • Perform random forest analysis Binder
  • Retrieving data using MW REST API
    • Retrieve study data Binder
    • Retrieve compound data Binder
    • Retrieve named metabolites data Binder
    • Retrieve RefMet data Binder
    • Retrieve gene data Binder
    • Retrieve protein data Binder
    • Calculate exact mass for lipid species Binder
    • Perform m/z search Binder

Run all notebooks Binder

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