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Spoofax and its components have been developed by many researchers, student, and developers supported by universities and funding agencies.


The main research effort on Spoofax and it predecessors (SDF2, Stratego, XT) was conducted at the following universities

  • University of Amsterdam
  • Oregon Graduate Institute
  • Utrecht University
  • University of Bergen
  • Delft University of Technology


Funding was provided by the following funding agencies and companies


The following tools were used to develop and maintain Spoofax


Many people have contributed to Spoofax as bachelor student, master student, PhD student, postdoc, professor, or as an external contributor. This is an attempt at listing at least the main contributors divided in main development periods.

  • SDF2
    • Eelco Visser
    • Jeroen Scheerder
    • Mark van den Brand
    • Jurgen Vinju
  • Stratego/XT
    • Eelco Visser
    • Martin Bravenboer
    • Karina Olmos
    • Karl Trygve Kalleberg
    • Anya Bagge
    • Joost Visser
    • Merijn de Jonge
    • Rob Vermaas
    • Eelco Dolstra
  • Spoofax 1
    • Eelco Visser
    • Lennart Kats
    • Karl Trygve Kalleberg
    • Rob Vermaas
    • Guido Wachsmuth
    • Maartje de Jonge
    • Ricky Lindeman
    • Sebastian Erdweg
    • Tobi Vollebregt
  • Spoofax 2
    • Eelco Visser
    • Gabriël Konat
    • Eduardo Amorim
    • Vlad Vergu
    • Volker Lanting
    • Daniel Pelsmaeker
    • Andrew Tolmach
    • Pierre Néron
    • Hendrik van Antwerpen