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A bot for importing data from MusicBrainz into Wikidata
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Wikidata bot to add MBIDs


This needs both psycopg2 and pywikipediabot (core repository).

The former can be installed with

pip install -r requirements.txt

the latter with

git clone --recursive pywikipediabot

cd pywikipediabot

python2 install

After installation configure pywikibot so the login works non-interactively. This repository is made to work with the MineoBot user on Wikidata. Its password needs to be stored in a file called passwd with the following content:

('MineoBot', '<bot-password-here>')

Copy bot/ to bot/ and edit the connection string settings. Their format is documented here.

The readonly_connection_string is used to connect to a MusicBrainz database to extract all the entities that have links to Wikipedia articles. The readwrite connection string is used to connect to a database with read and write access to keep a log of all already processed MBIDs.

If you want the bot to automatically edit URLs to redirect pages in Wikipedia to their target pages, do

git submodule init

git submodule update

and set the mb_user and mb_password values in bot/ to your bots login data in MusicBrainz.

Please make sure that your bot does not violate the Code of Conduct for bots in MusicBrainz

The configuration of a running bot can be reloaded by sending it a HUP signal.

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