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@@ -11,13 +11,14 @@ repository with the `--recursive` flag:
git clone --recursive git://
-# Preliminary: Install `musicbrainz-data`
+# Preliminary: Install dependencies
Before you can build or install `musicbrainz-data-service`, you will need to
-install `musicbrainz-data`. To do so, run the following commands from inside
-your `musicbrainz-data-service` checkout:
+install dependencies. It's recommended to do this upfront, so you install
+dependencies for both `musicbrainz-data` *and* `musicbrainz-data-service` in one
- cd musicbrainz-data
+ cd . ./musicbrainz-data
cabal install
cd ..
@@ -34,7 +35,12 @@ You also need access to a PostgreSQL database server with the `cube` and
`uuid-ossp` extensions, on Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 these extensions are in the
postgresql-contrib-9.1 package.
-Also, make sure you have installed `musicbrainz-data`, as mentioned above.
+You will also need to have `musicbrainz-data` installed. To install this, simply
+ cd musicbrainz-data
+ cabal install
+ cd ..
Once you have met those requirements, you can now run:
@@ -105,3 +111,21 @@ running:
Check the output of `cabal test --help` for various things that can also be done
while you run tests.
+# Running the Service
+To run the service, you will need a `devel.cfg` file - this repository has an
+example in [devel.cfg.example](devel.cfg.example). This file should be placed in
+the working directory you plan to run the binary from.
+If you have installed `musicbrainz-data-service` with `cabal install` you can
+now simply run:
+ musicbrainz-data-service
+If you used `cabal build`, the binary will be in `dist/build`, so you run the
+service with:
+ ./dist/build/musicbrainz-data-service/musicbrainz-data-service
+Run the binary with `--help` to see supported command line options.
8 devel.cfg.example
@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
+# The PostgreSQL database to connect
+database = "musicbrainz"
+# The database user
+username = "musicbrainz"
+# The database password
+password = ""

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