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The official musicbrainz-server codebase
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admin Comment out new collection types, because the code isn't ready for this.
bin Change the configuration to send fullexport to scooby and replication…
contrib Support BSD mkdir
docs Flow control coding style guidelines
inc MBS-7497: Update bundled Module::Install modules
lib Fix /ws/js/{recording,release,release-group} search ISEs
po Merge branch 'master' into schema-change-2015-q2
postgresql-musicbrainz-collate @ f2c282a recreate postgres-mb-collate and postgres-mb-unaccent, fix one omissi…
postgresql-musicbrainz-unaccent @ 62989e8 recreate postgres-mb-collate and postgres-mb-unaccent, fix one omissi…
root mediumCreate tests should now expect empty name strings
script Use MAINTENANCE database as default for scripts under admin/
t Amend Controller::Collection::New test for new wording for empty coll…
.gitignore Kill root/scripts/
.gitmodules Move aclass to package.json
AUTHORS Replace most of the content of AUTHORS with a link Add the Leaflet directory to COPYING Copy over style of DBDefs/ Remove reference to unused wizard_session key Kill off admin/, moving it instead into DBDefs like everythi… Mention setting statement_timeout in
Makefile.PL Makefile.PL needs requires, not required. Typographical fixes to
app.psgi Only load debug modules in debug mode Spawn shell within sudo to make old git happy
gulpfile.js Set ie8 compatibility flag on clean-css
musicbrainz.yml * Reworked the way login happens (now redirects correctly)
npm-shrinkwrap.json Run `clingwrap npmbegone`
package.json MBS-3799: Show more information for releases in the inline search
upgrade.json MBS-8279: Drop the empty_*() database functions Merge branch 'master' into schema-change-2015-q2

MusicBrainz Server

MusicBrainz Server is the web frontend to the MusicBrainz Database and is accessible at

MusicBrainz is a user-maintained open community that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public in the form of a relational database. For more information, visit our website.

To get help, please join #musicbrainz-devel on


Full installation instructions are available in

General Prerequisites:

  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • Perl (at least version 5.10.1)
  • PostgreSQL (at least version 9.1)
  • Memcached

Reporting bugs

Please report issues on our bug tracker.


Please submit all patches to bitbucket for review.


MusicBrainz Server is released under the GPLv2. See COPYING.

Further reading

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