Commits on Aug 22, 2016
  1. id3: Remove various mutagen hacks which no longer work with newer mut…

    lazka committed Jul 27, 2016
    Three parts:
    (1) The monkey patching of EncodedTextSpec to ignore encoding errors
    when using latin1 as encoding.
    This gets replaced with a new id3text function which makes sure
    that any value passed to mutagen can be encoded with the selected
    (2) MultiSpec monkey patch to not null terminate a list of strings.
    While this is valid according to the spec mutagen decided to terminate
    all strings (not only the text lists handled here). If this is a
    problem it should be discussed upstream (mutagen).
    (3) compatid3 which implemented id3v2.3 support and added some
    additional frames.
    This gets replaced with the id3v2.3 support implemented upstream.
    The additional frames still get passed to mutagen and, to match
    the previous implementation, update_to_v23() gets wrapped to
    allow some v2.4 only frames.
    The newly added id3v2.3 code depends on mutagen 1.22+