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  • [PICARD-323] - Only the discid of the first disc in a release is written to tags
  • [PICARD-455] - Picard setting cover art height, width and depth to 0 for FLAC files --> breaks libFLAC
  • [PICARD-729] - Tracks get stuck at "[loading track information]" on Bad Gateway errors
  • [PICARD-938] - Need two left-arrow key presses to go from track with file to album
  • [PICARD-1178] - Images tagged with extra types that the user has chosen to ignore should not be shown as 'modified'
  • [PICARD-1288] - Folskonomy tags / genre fallback on album artists tags not working
  • [PICARD-1422] - Windows: Uninstall 32 bit Picard before upgrade
  • [PICARD-1447] - When releasing a new version, appdata should also be updated
  • [PICARD-1460] - Windows installer does not detect running instance
  • [PICARD-1461] - Crash when running with Spanish language
  • [PICARD-1463] - Picard crashes on startup on Windows
  • [PICARD-1469] - Force close when adding songs to larger albums
  • [PICARD-1471] - Artist searches do not show begin and end area
  • [PICARD-1473] - AcoustId lookup fails if fingerprint already in tags
  • [PICARD-1474] - Windows installer shows outdated version string in file properties
  • [PICARD-1475] - Cover art sources do not support HTTPS
  • [PICARD-1476] - Filled up thread pool prevents metadata box updates
  • [PICARD-1478] - Changing MB server requires a restart
  • [PICARD-1480] - Search line input clear button icon is too small


  • [PICARD-1459] - Remove method
  • [PICARD-1472] - macOS code signing on Travis CI fails for xcode7.3 image


  • [PICARD-1242] - Consider the number of AcoustID sources for linked recordings
  • [PICARD-1457] - "Check for Update" should be in the Picard menu
  • [PICARD-1458] - "Check for Update" should have an ellipsis at the end
  • [PICARD-1470] - Make warning about Qt locale loading less prominent
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