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@phw phw released this Nov 6, 2019


  • PICARD-1633 - macOS: Automatic locale detection broken
  • PICARD-1634 - macOS: File browser sets wrong horizontal scroll position
  • PICARD-1635 - Terminated randomly when deleting files when saving
  • PICARD-1636 - Default locale detection fails if locale categories have different locales
  • PICARD-1637 - Crash when saving after removing some underlying files
  • PICARD-1640 - Picard with --config-file parameter copies over legacy configuration
  • PICARD-1642 - Picard crashes on launch (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'setPopupMode')
  • PICARD-1643 - Performer with instruments containing non-ASCII characters are not written to Vorbis and APE tags
  • PICARD-1644 - Crash when initializing translations on Python 3.8
  • PICARD-1647 - macOS: Plugin enable/disable button does not always update the icon
  • PICARD-1648 - Crashes when using search dialogs
  • PICARD-1651 - File and release counts in status bar not updated when files get removed
  • PICARD-1654 - macOS: Logout button / username stays visible after logout
  • PICARD-1655 - macOS: Login dialog can be hidden behind options


  • PICARD-1630 - Ensure FLAC metadata is visible/editable in Windows Explorer
  • PICARD-1632 - Tooltips for genre filter help hide too quickly
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