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You can read more about it in

Try the demo at A task management system which allows user to self assign themself So normally you don't have permission unless you create a task or assign yourself to a task. This allows organization to manage tasks in a TEAL way



  • React, Redux, Thunk, React Router, Node
  • Firebase Firestore


NVM Node v10.19.0

Quick Start


source ./


git clone
cd doocrate
nvm use
cd functions
npm install
cd ..
yarn run copy-staging
yarn global add firebase-tools

Run Locally

nvm use
yarn run

Deploy command

yarn run deploy:staging OR yarn run deploy:production Will build - use the correct config file and deploy


You can also set staging env and use: firebase use --add to add your staging site Then run like yarn run build-staging firebase use staging yarn run deploy:staging

Build and deploy the app:

cd functions
npm install
cd ..
firebase login
firebase use default
yarn run deploy:production
// And if you want only to deploy without building you can run firebase deploy

Deploy only server functions

You can use the following to deploy faster

yarn deploy:staging-only-server

Setting up your own server

Only If you are interested in setting up your own server (That is your own on a different domain)- read Setting Up your own server


You can find translations under public/locales/

You can open the page with the required language. For example use http://localhost:3000/sign-in/?lng=he to open the hebrew version http://localhost:3000/sign-in/?lng=en to open the english version

Firestore rules

Rules are a way to restrict access to the database and give different users different permissions For example - Anyone can create a task. But only a task creator (And assignee)can edit a task

Whenever you publish the project the firestore.rules page would get updated Then hit Publish to save it

Creating index

After the system is up: Create a new task And also create a new comment. If you open the console you would get a link with something like:

database.js:944 Uncaught Error in onSnapshot: Error: The query requires an index. You can create it here:

Click that link to create the indexing for it

Labels Colors

Create a collection named labels In order to create labels colors you need to create a collection called 'labels' with documents like so: Set for Document Id - The actual tag name - for example - "art" Then inside have a field "name" with value "art" and another field "colorInHex" with color value. For example "EB1478" - This will color all label of type "art" with color "EB1478"



To update the schema, you can load the Schema.xml file into Docs


Under src/config/app-config you have the popular labels that would appear when someone creates a task


Downloag gcloud:

To backup you first need to create a new multi regional bucket - for example - doocrate-new-backups

Then, Run the following command to backup - gcloud alpha firestore export gs://doocrate-new-backups

Restore from backup

Import all by calling gcloud alpha firestore import gs://[BUCKET_NAME]/[EXPORT_PREFIX]/ where [BUCKET_NAME] and [EXPORT_PREFIX] point to the location of your export files. For example - gcloud alpha firestore import gs://exports-bucket/2017-05-25T23:54:39_76544/

Import a specific collection by calling: gcloud alpha firestore import --collection-ids='[COLLECTION_ID_1]','[COLLECTION_ID_2]' gs://[BUCKET_NAME]/[EXPORT_PREFIX]/

Stop the system

You can user the /admin/dashboard page if you are an admin to set permissions You can press on the button their - This would go over all the users in the system and would set the "canCreateTask, "canAssignTask" permissions which allows to create new tasks and assign / unassign themself

YARN Commands

Script Description
yarn start Start webpack development server @ localhost:3000
yarn backup Backup to a local database
yarn run deploy:staging Build and deploy to staging
yarn run deploy:production Build and deploy to production
yarn run build Build the application to ./build directory
yarn test Test the application; watch for changes and retest


What are projects

User is the root for a task. Each task exists within a project

What are Admins

Admins can edit any task under a project. Once a user creates a new project he is added into the admins admins->user id->projects->project id This helps us know which admin belongs to which projects

What are Super Admins

Super Admins can edit any task under ANY project. These are root level admins. They are defined manually in the collection super_admins -> UID

Why is Mail is not being sent?

Check that you are on the blaze (Pay as you go) plan. Otherwise external services such as mailgun aren't accessible. Don't worry. Firebase won't charge money unless you have > 10000 users from our calculations

Also, Check that all the settings are correct and you have created a mailgun username and set up the domain correctly

Is there a reports page

Yes /:project-id/reports

Is there a super admin page

Yes. /admin-dashboard

I'm getting this error:

                 /databases/(default)' is not a valid HTTP header field value.

1.Make sure you set up Firestore database by activating it in firebase console

2.Make sure that your config doesnt have a wrong char such as \n in the end: `projectId: 'doocrate-production\n',

Where is the backend?

Located under the functions folder (This is firebase standard)

How can I deploy in a fast way

If you haven't modified the functions folder you can run the following to deploy only the app without the functions: yarn run build && firebase deploy --only=hosting

Why am I seeing the loader runs and runs on a new install

Only when there is at least one task it would stop running - Press on add task

Is there a way to close the system on the frontend side

Yes - under src->config->app-config set the parameter isSystemClosed to true

Is there a way to open / close new users from openning / assigning tasks

Yes - Each project now has ability to set it under edit project page

Comments are not working

Check you console. You need to follow the error using the link and create an index for comments

Can I deploy only the hosting without the functions?

Yes run

yarn run build
firebase deploy --hosting

User redirection

Yes done through a cookie is_redirected and a url for example ?project=adacontra-2019

I'm having issue running npm install

Make sure you use the correct node by running: nvm use

Do you have any unit tests?

Yes we do. We also have firestore rules unit tests yarn run test:firestore-rules