Client library for Steem blockchain built with Rust
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This is a Steem client library for Rust. Work in progress.

How to use

Steem-client-rs hasn't been graduated to yet, so you'll need to use git dependency, like this.

steem-client = { git = "" }

Example code

extern crate steem_client;
use steem_client::*;

let api = steem_client::SteemApi::DatabaseApi;
let api_method = "get_dynamic_global_properties".to_string();
let args = vec![];

let response: Result<serde_json::Value, SteemError> = steem_client::call(api, api_method, args);
response["result"]["head_block_number"].as_u64().unwrap() > 10000000; // true


  • Implement futures
  • Investigate json_rpc crate from eth_core implementation in Ethereum's Parity
  • Add more utility functions
  • Investigate WS and evented approach
  • Add more response structs and types for different JSONRPC apis and methods
  • More tests and docs