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Boilerplate Collection

Boilerplates are basic setups with best practices. Just take the parts you like.


PEP8 Pre Commit Hook for Git

This git pre-commit hook checks for pep8 compatibility on committing, and aborts the commit if errors are found. Can be skipped by applying the --no-verify flag to git commit. This requires the tool pep8 which can be installed via package managers and homebrew.

To use the commit hook in all projects on this system, copy it into the global git hook-templates directory (eg. /usr/share/git-core/templates/hooks/) as a file called pre-commit and set the permissions to executable. Afterwards you can enable this hook in existing repositories by calling git init. New repositories will use it by default.


Boilerplate dotfiles is a collection of command line goodness for OSX and Linux. Includes .bash_profile, .aliases, .exports, and others.