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Fun project from back in 2006 ^^
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Most Simple Ajax Chat Ever

Fun project from January 2006. Back then ajax just started becoming popular, but with almost no tools available. jQuery came out later that year, Github just two years later, in 2008.


  • Super simple
  • efficient spam filter
  • only 2 files needed (index.html, w.php)
  • css styles & usernames

How it works

  • index.html reads the content & sends your message to w.php
  • w.php writes the content and prunes it to $maxlines lines
  • content stored as text in chat.txt
  • 2 http_requests (1 for checking content, 1 for sending your message)

Setup in 2 steps

  • copy index.html and w.php in a directory of your choice
  • create a file called chat.txt (writeable for php)

License: MIT

This project was featured on Wired in February 2006!

Original site on

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