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gathers market data on FLO from various sources, stores data in sqlite3 database
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Calculates FLO market data from various markets, provies an API and pushes updates to the block chain periodically.


flo-market-data is written in go.

It requires mattn/go-sqlite3 for database operations.

$ go get
$ go get

Optional: install sqlite3 locally!

Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install sqlite3

OSX: brew install sqlite3


Set API to "false" if you don't want the API server to run. Otherwise, config is pretty straightforward, I think. You can find the config documentation here.


Navigate to the flo-market-data directory and run the program!

Remember to include all packages:

$ go run *.go

You'll see some output, a . is output every time the market data is received from remote URLs.


Hit this URL with a GET request to see the recent market data:

You'll get a response like this:

    "unixtime": 1432690997,
    "cryptsy": "0.1452",
    "poloniex": "0.2948",
    "bittrex": "0.5600",
    "daily-volume": "128463.84375000",
    "weighted": "0.00000703",
    "USD": "0.00168"

When you hit the API with a call, you'll see something like this:

GET /flo-market-data/v1/getAll

Example output

NOTE: API mode is enabled, so verbose mode is disabled (there is no real command-line output in API mode).

In verbose mode, you should see something like this:

$ go run *.go
24hr volume: 516808.49759438

bittrex vol: 68.71 
poloniex vl: 1.25 
cryptsy vol: 30.04 

weighted   : 0.00000590
flo/USD    : 0.00142257

Block chain publishing

Coming soon!

  • Publish to the block chain via Alexandria (using flo-market-data as a plugin)
  • Publish to the block chain using flo-market-data as a standalone application



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