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Delicious and foamy tap of the latest development stable version of gnuradio (! Yay! It generally works with development builds too using --HEAD, but this is not garunteed or supported.

This will not automatically handle gnuradio's python dependencies, in accordance with homebrew's python policy. Typically, you can install the python dependencies required by gnuradio by running:

pip install Cheetah lxml matplotlib numpy scipy docutils sphinx

Then, simply run:

brew tap metacollin/gnuradio
brew install gnuradio

But don't worry, if you weren't able to use pip or are missing a python dependency, homebrew will see which python packages are missing (if any) and tell you how to install them after you try to brew install gnuradio.

Other available flags to be used at your discretion are --without-qt and --without-docs.

Note: Disabling QT will prevent the GUI companion from being built.

Python Woes and Other Issues

If you are experiencing problems such as gnuradio-companion not being built, or gnuradio crashing immediately on launch, or simple build failure, it's almost certainly a python issue.

Here is the problem: homebrew bottles are linked against homebrew's python formula, but it wasn't always this way. Certain dependencies like pygtk or pyqt, if they've been on your system long enough, may have been built locally and will have linked to OS X's python, while other gnuradio dependencies are linking to homebrew's python. One must link to either OS X's python, OR homebrew's python, but never both in the same executable binary.

The only fool-proof way to ensure this is by reinstalling all of the gnuradio dependencies:

brew rm $(brew deps gnuradio) # May need to add --force
brew rm gnuradio
brew install gnuradio

To make matters even more complicated, if you hadn't been using homebrew's python before, you might have installed the python dependencies using OSX's python, and it keeps its python packages in a different location than homebrew's python. As a result, the formula may complain about missing python dependencies, and you simply need to run pip again and install them.

Finally, you might be wondering, "What if i don't WANT to use homebrew's python? I want one python on my system so I don't have to deal with this!" No problem! Homebrew only uses it's own python when using bottles. If you run:

brew rm $(brew deps gnuradio)
brew rm gnuradio
brew install gnuradio --build-from-source  # Important! Rebuilds deps against OS X's python.

Again, you may need to run pip as needed, but pip is not installed by default when using OSX's python. To install dependencies if you opt not to use homebrew's python, the proedure is as follows:

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install Cheetah lxml matplotlib numpy scipy docutils sphinx

Enjoy! I'll be adding additional build options soon, keep an eye out.


Latest dev build using OS X Yosemite 10.10's built in compiler, clang and llvm. Builds without issue or patches, complete with working GUI and docs if desired.



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