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There's a lot of "Hey, you can do this!" and you click on it, and it doesn't work. For example, you can't actually "Search without constraints". The JSONP section doesn't have all of the sections, like favorites, rating, file. It took me hours of probing to figure out the following endpoints:

/favorite/_search only???

Also, what is up with /v0/ vs. not using /v0/ ?

oiami commented May 19, 2014

I think I should start my document task from this issue, I'm not sure if we need document as output on or ?


The original comments are referring to the Beta API docs wiki page, which is no longer current.
The wiki sidebar contains a link to
and many of those examples don't work anymore.

@oalders Do you think we should try to update any of that? Maybe if there's something that page describes that the new page doesn't have we could update the example and add it to the new page.

Additionally the header is out of date (or confusing)... I think that "Deprecated" page is actually the "alpha" docs (for the api before we had the Beta API which we don't have anymore). o_O
So maybe we should see if there are any useful examples to salvage and then just get rid of that page?

There are some things to fix on the current page, though:

  • The MetaCPAN::API module usage should be updated to use MetaCPAN::Client.
  • References to should be updated to use Search::ElasticSearch.

For help on those see the changes in this pull request:

oalders commented May 19, 2014

I've just deleted that extremely old doc page. That's from the very first iteration of the API, so there was almost nothing useful still there.

oiami commented May 23, 2014

@rwstauner I updated to document, by changing MetaCPAN::API to MetaCPAN::Client and to Search:: as you suggested. Could you check please ?


Thanks for the update @oiami!

@rwstauner rwstauner closed this May 23, 2014
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