Improper __DATA__ formatting in "Source" view #210

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The module Acme::rafl::Everywhere contains its list of facts in the __DATA__ section.

When viewing the source, only one line is available and it's highlighted as actual code:

When viewing the raw version, the entire thing is available.


This is an API bug. The API result:


"pod_lines" : [

and the "toggle pod" JavaScript is just doing what it's told with the above numbers, which are incorrect.


@benkasminbullock thank you for the valuable added information. Is this still the proper place for the ticket, or should I open it elsewhere?


@xsawyerx: oops, sorry, I didn't even notice that this was the API bug list. I didn't remember I was watching the CPAN API repository and assumed that this was reported on the metacpan web repository.


@benkasminbullock that's cool, you did provide important info to this. Just making sure I haven't opened an issue in the wrong place. :)


The bug here still remains, unfortunately.

MetaCPAN member

This looks to be fixed now.

@oalders oalders closed this Mar 8, 2014
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