Re-index on any/all -new- entries in 02packages.details #220

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oalders commented Aug 8, 2012

kentnl: [05:14:24] -> module -> == 404
[10:39am] dipsy: [05:14:25] [ signatures-0.07 - subroutine signatures with no source filter - ]
[11:03am] oalders: kentnl: signatures fixed with a re-index
[11:07am] mst: oalders: well, that sucks
[11:07am] mst: oalders: metacpan shouldn't have to reindex like that
[11:07am] oalders: mst: it shouldn't
[11:08am] mst: oalders: that was a dist that was uploaded with the wrong perms, then the perms were fixed and it was re-indexed at the PAUSE level
[11:08am] oalders: issue is things in the indexer get fixed, but we don't re-run the whole thing again after that
[11:08am] mst: yes, but in this case the problem was within the last 48h
[11:08am] mst: have you fixed it in the indexer since then?
[11:08am] oalders: mst: no. i just re-indexed it manually in this case
[11:09am] mst: so the bug is still there
[11:09am] oalders: the bug with this particular dist?
[11:09am] mst: no, the bug that meant metacpan didn't reindex it automatically
[11:11am] oalders: how should metacpan know to re-index that one? we're just watching the changes reported by rrr.
[11:11am] oalders: so, that doesn't pick up perm changes, does it?
[11:14am] mst: when you sync the PAUSE index
[11:14am] mst: you need to check for new entries
[11:24am] oalders: mst: that makes sense
[11:24am] oalders: will open an issue for that
[11:24am] mst: I thought you already had something like that
[11:25am] mst: since when a dist hasn't made it to the index yet
[11:25am] mst: you mark it as indexed about ... an hour later?
[11:25am] oalders: i'll have to check the logic, but i think there's a time limit on how far we go back
[11:29am] mst: it would seem to me that the answer would be to test any/all -new- entries in 02packages.details
[11:29am] mst: i.e. do a diff, reindex all lines that are new
[11:29am] mst: seems simple enough, and shouldn't have any more things to index than normal
[11:30am] mst: but would nail this edge case nicely

See also: #390

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