Use Makefile.PL to track prereqs #231

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instead of dist.ini to lower the barrier for new contributors.

use the bin/ to scan for anything not mentioned in there
(but note that not all prereqs are scannable yet).

Could use some clean up, but the Makefile.PL works well enough,
and you can just do cpanm . to install all the deps.

rwstauner added some commits Sep 7, 2012
@rwstauner rwstauner Use Makefile.PL for prereqs instead of dist.ini
It's a lower hurdle for contributors who don't already use dzil.
This Makefile.PL was generated by Dist::Zilla using the old dist.ini.

There is an appropriate 'make test' for all the people
who used to try 'dzil test'.
@rwstauner rwstauner Show any scanned prereqs not listed in Makefile.PL a261a95
@rwstauner rwstauner Use File::Find::Rule::Perl to scan for prereqs
It's nicer and catches scripts that don't have file extensions.
@rwstauner rwstauner Simplify unlisted_prereqs slightly a6542c6
@rwstauner rwstauner Make 'install' a no-op so 'cpanm .' appears successful eebaaf8
@oalders oalders merged commit 3ebaf7d into master Sep 7, 2012
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Excellent -- thank you!

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