MetaCPAN V1 announcement and migration plan

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V1 - announcement and migration plan

We are pleased to announce a new version of the MetaCPAN.. v1.. IS NOW LIVE (2016-11-20)!

This document has been updated now that we are live...


  • Speed
  • Resilience
  • New Elasticsearch search features

Front end:


This is backed by a 3 node version 2.3 Elasticsearch cluster (rather than single node running ES 0.2!). It is also served through Fastly our CDN, which will provide better world wide routing and we are now using it to cache some requests.

Breaking changes

  • GET requests with a request body will no longer work
  • Any features Elasticsearch 2.3 no longer supports
  • Stricter mapping matches (mostly for indexing, though this includes author.json files from PAUSE)
  • /v1/ will be required in the path, previously it was optional

Support for the old - now ended

As announced in Nov 2016 we supported this old API until 2017-06-01, we have reviewed our logs and contacted as many users as possible, and also implimented a backwards compatible interface for the cpanminus client ( ) which will be left running for the foreseeable future.

NOTE: user specific data (faves etc) is only updated on the v1 end point


  1. Email all registered clients that use the API
  2. News story on and message on homepage
  3. Tweet / blog / IRC announce / ask PerlWeekly to write story


Please send us feedback, either as issues and discuss with us on #metacpan, or email

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