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If you have a feature suggestion, but don't have accompanying code, you can post it here for tracking and further discussion.


Searches input formats (e.g. regexes)

Elastic search



Not expected results

Improved results / links

RSS / Subscription

New searches


User pages - a public page for every user (even non-authors)




Recent pages

Changes file

Search results



  • Help Make CPAN better
  • SEOLinks - What we'd like to get switched over to help people find MetaCPAN in the first place
  • Prominent button to [Create your own CPAN module] - could link to other information, tips to get started, how to use PAUSE. Basically lots of people browse, give an obvious entry point to get tips, or learn how to create and upload a module.
  • Include an upcoming Perl Events calendar on the metacpan home page as a way to encourage participation in Perl workshops and conferences.
  • Add a pod2html page similar to search.cpan's pod2html so people can see what their POD will look like on metacpan.
  • Allow to view .html files in dist. Like search.cpan.org allow link1, link2
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