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Mail::Message is a good example of search results that don't seem to be returned in the "right" order.

Searching for Mail::Message returns these results (as of roughly 2011-10-21 13:30:00Z):

MMS::Mail::Message - A class representing an MMS (or picture) message sent via email.
  - ROBL/MMS-Mail-Message-0.06 - Jul 12, 2006 - Search in distribution

MMS::Mail::Message::Parsed - A class representing a parsed MMS (or picture) message, that has been parsed by an MMS::Mail::Provider class.
  - ROBL/MMS-Mail-Message-Parsed-0.06 - Jan 15, 2006 - Search in distribution

HTTP::Headers - Class encapsulating HTTP Message headers
  - GAAS/HTTP-Message-6.02 - Mar 20, 2011 - Search in distribution

Mail::Message::Attachment::Stripper - Strip the attachments from a mail
  - TMTM/Mail-Message-Attachment-Stripper-1.01 - Jan 16, 2006 - Search in distribution

Mail::Message - general message object
  - MARKOV/Mail-Box-2.101  (3 reviews) - Aug 25, 2011 - Search in distribution 

The item I expected was fifth in the list.

Reasons it should probably be first:

  • module name is an eq match for search term
  • has the latest/most recent release date (the others are older, some by 5 years)
  • has 3 reviews (3.5 stars) (the others have none)
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on s.c.o. the entire first page of results is modules that start with my search term
and they all come from the same dist (though that particular fact may be suboptimal):

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